In organisations

Job Scheduler over Network

Made a system where master is able to send jobs to slave nodes and collect data from results of job and visualise it on internal site

Company:- NVIDIA Graphics

Technology stack - Flask

Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Schedular for Company which is used to check if any conference room is empty or not during some time period and booking meeting with participants

Company:- Neptune Ubicom

Technology stack - Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Liquibase, Angular, Docker

Task Management App

Task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it and assigning new task to other peoples

Company:- Werp India

Technology stack - NodeJs, ExpressJs, EJS, MongoDB

During Graduation or Personal

OS Scheduler

A simple simulation of 4 Processors working together in multithreaded environment.A master Cpu assigns a randomly generated process to each proccesor by Random or Serial.Each Process has ID, TotalTimeRequired, Priority.Each Processor simulates any one of the four famous algorithms

Github Link

Technology stack - Java, Swing

Cryptographic Chat

It's an end to end encrypted real time chatting site where the party can choose any password(All party member should have same password) they want and can chat on this site.Encryption done by RSA algorithm

Github Link

Technology stack - Nodejs,

Recommendation System

If a shopkeeper is keeping a promotional offer on any product then the system should email only to those customers who are likely to buy the product or prompt the shopkeeper about the list of customers who will be interested in such offer/s.

Github Link

Technology stack - Python, Instacart Public Data, Keras

Social Media Cyber Bullying Detection

In this project, we made a model which tells the severity of abuse in a given sentence and used it to ban people on twitter and telegram groups

Github Link

Technology stack - Python, Telegram API and Twitter Api

Reddit WallPaper Crawler

This script allows you to download and set wallpapers from Reddit Subs which you can give as an input(Default Subs is wallpapers). You can also set the interval for changing wallpaper(Default is 30mins).This scripts is a taskbar application so it wont come in between your workflow.

Github Link

Technology stack - Python, Reddit API

Scraping Tools

Twitter Scraper downloads main tweets, all comments and conversations and stores in a files, whereas Instragram Scrapper downloads all images of a public profile

Github Link

Technology stack - Python, Selenium

Python Keylogger

A Simple script which logs each and every keystroke typed on any given window and screenshot the screen of the victim's pc and then its is sent to our mail. It tell us in which windows the victim was typing

Github Link

Technology stack - Python


Electronjs app which shows the live count from youtube API for PewdiePie vs Tseries subscriber count

Github Link

Technology stack - Electron

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